Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD)

Vehicle registration, driving examinations and driving licenses, vehicle roadworthiness tests - TÜV, road safety audits and general oversight

The Challenge:

CSDD is a state joint stock company with 26 branches, 50mln EUR annual turnover and over 600 employees located throughout Latvia, including remote locations. As one of the most forward-thinking state-owned companies, it wanted to be efficient in their business activities and in their energy consumption. With 26 remote branches, measuring and auditing energy consumption in all of them is a challenging task.


AdvanGrid carried out product training as well as technical support for first few monitoring sensor installations. Given the ease of installation, CSDD staff decided to carry out installation and dismantling of further equipment at various branches on their own.


Cost savings: With just a couple of devices, complete electrical system audits were performed at all 26 CSDD branches. Cost saving potential was discovered in 18 branches. After energy efficiency improvements, estimated annual savings will reach at least EUR 17 865,-. AdvanGrid EMS plan allows CSDD to deliver the best possible service to their clients while at the same time managing costsand meeting environmental targets.