DPD Latvija

Parcel delivery services


DPD group is 2nd largest parcel delivery networkin Europe that delivers more than 5.3 million parcels every day, worldwide. DPD Latvija is a branch with more than 18mln EUR annual turnover and over 190 employeeslocated in Riga. The companyis well known for its fast and cost-efficient delivery services. DPD Latvija management team wanted to understand what additional efforts can they take to furtherimprove company’s efficiency. After a detailed analysis of the costs it wasclear that the monthly electricity consumption is quite high, while the reasonsfor that were not entirely evident.


AdvanGrid assessed the situation and recommended GridLink and GridMate sensors as the best fit for monitoring consumption in combination with a cloud-based management platform. One GridLink device was installed at the power-input and GridMate devices wereinstalled on different electricity consumers across their facility.


Full understanding of electricity consumers: As the DPD Latvija site includes both an office building and a parcel sorting facility, it finally became clear how electricity consumption was developing and what electricity usage habits do employees have.

 Cost reduction: With the help of 8 monitoring devices, DPDLatvija got a complete overview over the electricity consumers of the company. Already in the first week of using the monitoring solution, they were able to identify inefficient power consumption and make the right decisions to eliminate it, thus achieving an immediate cost reduction.

 Further efficiency gains: With AdvanGrid EMS, DPD Latvija continues to monitor various electricity consumers to determine their efficiency and effectiveness over time. These innovative solutions will enable them to be continuously sustainableand efficient also in the future.