Secrets of Reactive power

February 10, 2022

One of the most popular functionalities of our EMS isReactive Power monitoring. If you are not aware of this issue, the analogy of abeer mug is the simplest explanation.

The mug capacity represents apparent power (kVA).The beer itself represents active power (kW). The foam represents reactivepower (kVAR). Power factor is the ratio between the active power (kW) and theapparent power (kVA). It’s clear, you’re getting less beer than you’re payingfor with all that foam taking up space. Who wants to pay for foam?

Why should you care about reactive power?

1.Monthly fines - DSO's make you pay a fine fortoo much Reactive power.
2.Increased infrastructure maintenance costs -overload damages the infrastructure.
3.Higher energy costs - more Reactive power alsomeans more power through the installation.

AdvanGrid EMSallows you to pinpoint the origin of Reactive power, find appropriatecompensation equipment, as well as to monitor the unexpected return of Reactivepower to the grid due to compensation equipment problems.

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