ADVANGRID software ensures monitoring, analysis and control of all electric distribution networks

ADVANGRID software ensures monitoring, analysis and control of all electric distribution networks

You can review the information regarding electricity consumption, various parameters and costs for every device using our online system

Consumption parameters

  • Current energy meter readings
  • Total energy consumption over time
  • Load by phase
  • Consumption distribution by period
  • Consumption comparison with previous periods
  • Consumption analysis by consumer group
  • Consumption distribution by tariff and time zones
  • Analysis of reactive power consumption

Network parameter values

  • Voltage quality measurements
  • Harmonics and flicker analysis

Power measurements

  • Current
  • Reactive power
  • Active power
  • Apparent power

ADVANGRID software ensures monitoring, analysis and control of all electric distribution networks.

Live data

Virtual consumption scale. Load type, voltage, current for each phase. Data gets updated every 5 seconds.


Map view

Connection points can be filtered by statuses on the map. In case of any problems it's easy to immediately locate the disrupted site


Automatic reports

Reports on electricity consumption dynamics (load profile by tariff zones or phases, reactive energy, overall, daily, costs, distribution grid, etc.) can be viewed online, easily downloaded or automatically sent to your e-mail in .pdf, .xls and .csv formats



A visual diagnostics tool for problem detection. Available for voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, phase angle and line frequency.



Allows easy to review energy consumption patterns and detect anomalies. Integration periods: 30min, 1h, 24h


Set notifications on voltage drops, line overloads, low power factor, exceeding reactive power limits and off-limit phase voltage to be received via SMS and e-mail

The system provides a large variety of time-synchronised graphs for various electrical parameters. Scroll down to see real life examples of problem diagnostics with the graph tool

5s data integration period
PDF export
Reactive power compensation tool
Phase on / off buttons
Time stamp marker


A variety of tools to manage and minimize your energy costs

Consumption versus costs

With the load profile tool it’s easy to see that although more than half of the electric energy is consumed in the third tariff zone, it makes up only 33% of the total costs

Reactive power factor

The reactive power factor is one of the parameters that describe power quality. Many electric utility companies add extra charges if it exceeds a certain value

Tariff plan comparison

Our system can calculate the best tariff plan for your needs by taking into account the number of phases, amperage and your energy consumption behavior


Control voltage quality based on event evaluation options



Planned activities

Energy management planning to fulfill the requirements of ISO standards

Energy consumption comparison

Energy consumption (total or by phases) can be compared with earlier periods by days, weeks or months

Energy consumption costs after upgrades

Difference in energy costs before and after an equipment upgrade

Tariff plan comparison

System can calculate best tariff plan for your energy consumption specific by taking into account number of phases, amps and energy use behaviour.