There are 6 available device configurations depending on your voltage and current measurement needs

Voltage connection
Current connection

Installation is possible outdoors regardless of temperature and weather



The device with a display offers functionality expanded with vector diagrams and voltage harmonics


The GRIDLINK accessory device conveniently and quickly enables the system to determine the status of fuses in transformer stations. For example, you can instantly see that there are no problems with wiring, but an outgoing line to the factory or a household has a broken fuse


Combination with GRIDLINK, using PowerLine
Monitoring of max 15 outgoing connections
IP67 body



Connection   Type 4 wire, 3 element (3p4w)
Voltage Direct, with piercing insulated connectors (10, 150mm²)
Current Rogowski coils with open loop (opening diameter 50 - 200mm)
Voltage Nominal working voltage 3x230/400 V
Working voltage range 0.5 * Un ... 1.15 * Un
Nominal frequency 50 Hz
Current*    Nominal current, In 40A; 200A
Max current, Imax 400A; 2000A*
Min current, Imin 0.05 * In
Starting current, Ist 0.002 * In *Adjustable range
 Registered parameters  Voltage  RMS, max instantaneous value, sag / swell, frequency
 Current  RMS, max instantaneous value, overload
 Active power  By phase, total
 Apparent power  By phase, total
 Power factor  Absolute value, sign, inductive / capacitive
 Active energy  By phase, total, direction, load profile
 Conformity  Certification  CE, UL 61010-1 (Rogowski coils)
 Precision class  B (according to EN 50470-3)
 UV resistance  According to material UL recognition files
 Intrinsic consumption   Voltage circuits  10 VA
 Current circuits  -
 Data transfer   Interface  GSM / GPRS
 Data type  Measurements, time synchronisation, diagnostic / configuration SMS
 Physical       Dimensions (LxWxH)  225 x 85 x 68 mm
 Weight  420 g
 Mounting  On 35 mm DIN rail
 Enclosure  Polycarbonate plastic, UL94-V0
 External connections  Connector for U cable, 3 connectors for Rogowski coils
 Cable length  2 - 5 m
 Operating conditions  IP protection class  IP67 (device case, connectors, Rogowski coils)
 Work temperature   -40°C to +70°C
 -40°C to +55°C (with built-in Li-ion battery)