We've built an amazingly precise hardware and management system for energy monitoring

Our main focus is on ensuring that our clients can make the best decisions on the most efficient use of energy resources and reduction of consumption


Since the beginning in 2014 Advangrid is working hard to develop high-performance energy resource monitoring solutions for fast and precise evaluation of power and consumption

The GRIDLINK device enables you to measure electrical parameters of an electrical network and the devices connected to it and to receive the measurement data to our online analysis and visualisation system. This allows you to monitor and analyse customer electricity connections and transformer substations, as well as analyse individual electricity devices, for instance, ventilation and lighting systems in buildings, as well as various industrial machinery connection needs.

We can help you to:


Reduce electricity costs


Control quality of electric power


Control and measure current fluctuations and directions


Determine actually required connection power


Perform comparative analysis of production efficiency


Choose the electricity tariff plan that best suits your production needs


Prevent undesirable connections


Power management monitoring within the ISO 50001 standard framework



We cooperate with a number of clients and partners

Start your own energy management business by using our white label platform

On demand power grid monitoring system and mobile app with your own brand and style!


We're rapidly growing and constantly looking for new employees to join our team



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